We have officially been in lockdown for 34 days, and during that time TV consumption has gone up to 24%. With people spending more time watching TV, brands have been quick to let their customers know that they’re there for them during these uncertain times. Luckily it wasn’t just me that began to notice that most of the ads looked the same. Microsoft Sam made a montage of brands response to coronavirus and it made my week: 

As #Imbored trends on Twitter, these brands have taken it upon themselves to make us smile. Here is a round-up of the brands that have made me smile:

Mint Mobile

We love this new ad from Mint Mobile which was created by Maximum Effort production, the ad agency that Ryan Reynolds owns. The ad shows Reynolds explaining that because Mint Mobile had to postpone the production of their ad, they created one using Power Point instead.


Earlier this month, the team at Oatly told their followers that they’d lost interest in trying to find new ways to get everyone interested in drinking oat milk. Instead, they promised to find a better way to use the few skills they possess to help relieve boredom at home and launched the ‘Department of distraction services’


Budweiser’s iconic ‘Wassup’ ad is 21 years old. Once I got over that fact, I watched their quarantine comeback ad. I loved the nostalgia, the humour, and the message; Buds support Buds. #TogetherAtADistance 


Have you ever come across packaging that made you smile? Being a brand geek, I pay far too much attention to packaging, which is why I have a soft spot for Innocent. During the lockdown, their social feeds have helped remind us of the day of the week, and their guide to small talk offered people alternative responses to everyday questions. When asked if you’ve taken up any fun hobbies, instead of simply replying ‘just a bit of reading,’ they encourage people to take a bolder approach by answering, ‘I’ve smashed all of my mugs so I can do a 3D jigsaw.’

On March 11th Innocent announced their super smoothies had new labels. Later the same day Innocent shared a post acknowledging that their new labels were ‘too fun,’ and set about redesigning the labels:

The UK lockdown only began on March 23th so what happened next can’t be blamed on cabin fever. Following customer feedback, innocent redesigned the labels 11 times. Each ridiculous iteration made me smile.

Emily’s crisps

This has been my favourite ad that I’ve seen over the last six weeks. Emily is a fruit and vegetable-based snack brand that has gone viral with their efforts to make the best of a bad situation. Having booked some outdoor media space last year to promote their products in Spring, Emily’s were naturally disappointed that their ads were unlikely to be seen by many people. Emily’s marketing team decided to highlight the irony of the situation by creating four new ads in a week. My favourite ad simply says, “Hmmm…Maybe we should have made a TV ad instead.”


Like many others, I had never heard of Steak-umms a few weeks ago. That is until they went viral when their tweet warning people against fake news relating to Coronavirus generated over 13,000 retweets, over 48,000 likes, and hundreds of comments.

Led by donkeys

Established in 2018, Led by Donkey’s is an anti-Brexit political campaign group that calls out what they believe to be ‘thermonuclear hyprocrisy.’ They’ve been using billboards across the country to celebrate coronavirus champions and hold others to account.


I’ve been a fan of Ikea’s marketing and comms ever since they parodied the format of Apple ads with their ‘experience the power of bookbook’ film. The food that Ikea sells has a bit of a cult following. Knowing that their customers are missing Ikea staples earlier this week they shared a recipe for their famous meatballs in the style of their flatpack instructions. 

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